Modix BIG-120X 3D Printer fully loaded Bundle
Modix BIG-120X 3D Printer fully loaded Bundle UK
Modix BIG-120X 3D Printer fully loaded Bundle In UK
Modix BIG-120X 3D Printer fully loaded Bundle Online


Modix BIG-120X 3D Printer fully loaded Bundle

Sale price£14,314.94

The Modix BIG-120X

What it offers the same benefits as the Modix BIG-60 on an extended scale. Suitable for the production of large parts in one piece, the Modix BIG-120X is well-suited for the automotive, architectural, and creative design fields. The assembly instructions will allow you to learn everything possible about the printer, to better understand how to make the most of this machine. 


Modix BIG-120X

Base BIG-120X 3D printer order.

Enclosure Add-on

Print with higher ambient temperature around the print bed. Printing with an enclosure allows printing with higher grade filaments and reduces wrapping and cracks.

2nd Print Head

Print with support materials to better print models with complex or internal geometries.

Z Axis Hiwin Rails

Upgrade the smooth rods with high precision HIWIN linear rails. These rails firmly mount the print bed platform to the printer chassis, resulting in higher dimensional accuracy and a smoother prints.

Extra PEI sheet

Single spare PEI sheet at size of 660x660mm
Covering the HALF of the BIG-120X bed plate. Please order 2 pcs in order to cover the entire bed plate.

E3D V6 hotend

E3D V6 (detailed) hotend allows printing tiny objects with very high accuracy. This hotend has a shorter melting zone in comparison to the default Volcano hotend resulting in accurate retraction and corner finish. Includes: Heat block, 0.4mm nozzle, silicon sock, heat break and a fixing kit.

Super Volcano

Upgrade your E3D Volcano HotEnd with the SuperVolcano for super fast printing.  E3D SuperVolcano kit includes:
Heat-block, heater 80W,
Thermistor & 1mm nozzle.

PT-100 Sensor

Upgrades your hotend temperature to 500°C max, and is more accurate as well. The add-on kit contains the sensor and the required electronic adapter. If you intend to print anywhere close to 270c and beyond you should consider this upgrade.

Active Air Filter

Three phase filter device: Pre-filter (dust), HEPA (sub-micron particles) and active carbon filter (fumes).

Filter spares

5 x Pre-filter ,
1 x HEPA/carbon combo

Spools Shelf

Optional shelf add-on for large spools of 5kg and above.


The casters add-on will allow you to move the printer around with ease. The casters have adjustable leveling to easily adjust the balance of your printer and reduce vibrations.



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