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Modix BIG-120Z 3D Printers
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Modix BIG-120Z 3D Printer online in UK


Modix BIG-120Z 3D Printer: Fully Loaded Bundle

Sale price£12,076.30

The Modix BIG-120Z is designed for printing tall objects on a large scale, without compromising on strength and durability. With additional customisable upgrades available, the self assembly kit includes a secondary print head, upgraded HIWIN linear rails, an enclosure unit, and casters. The Modix BIG-120Z is suitable for use in the entertainment, architectural, and engineering fields. This printer also has the benefit of being designed for self-assembly, so that you are able to fully understand and capitalise on your new 3D printer.

BIG-120Z Components included:

Modix BIG-120Z

Including: secondary print head, Z axis rails, enclosure and casters.

Super Volcano

Upgrade your E3D Volcano HotEnd with the SuperVolcano for super fast printing.  E3D SuperVolcano kit include:
Heat-block, heater 80W,
Thermistor & 1mm nozzle.

PT-100 Sensor

Upgrade your hotend temperature to 500°C max, and are more accurate as well. The add-on kit contains the sensor and the required electronica adapter. If you intend to print anywhere close to 270c and beyond you should consider this upgrade.

Extra PEI sheet

Spare PEI sheet at size of 660x660mm
Covering the entire bed plate.

Spools Shelf

Optional shelf add-on for large spools of 5kg and above.

Active Air Filter

Three phase filter device: Pre-filter (dust), HEPA (sub-micron particles) and active carbon filter (fumes).

Filter spares

5 x Pre-filter ,
1 x HEPA/carbon combo

Modix BIG-120Z Visual Tour

Life Scale 3D printing

Top lid for easy print head maintenance

PEI sheet prevents wrapping and once cooled, allows easy object removal.

Dual print head for printing with support material.

Professional user interface including 7 inch touch screen and web-access (Wifi) from PC.

Eye level monitoring



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