Ultimaker CPE - Yellow - 750g
Ultimaker CPE - Yellow - 750g
Ultimaker CPE - Yellow - 750g
Ultimaker CPE - Yellow - 750g


Ultimaker CPE - Yellow - 750g

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Yellow CPE+ 0.75kg. 2.85mm diameter and approximately 90m long

CPE (co-polyester) materials are chemical resistant, tough and demonstrate good dimensional stability. It is a preferred choice for both functional prototypes and mechanical parts. While both CPE and CPE+ provide similar performance characteristics, CPE+ provides the added benefit of higher temperature resistance and increased impact strength.

Reasons to choose Ultimaker CPE Family

    • Excellent toughness with resistance to chemicals and temperatures up to 70° C
    • Dimensional stability over long periods of time
    • Low odour and low ultrafine particle emissions and gases
    • Ideal for short-run manufacturing and functional prototypes
    • Transparent option available
    • Not suitable for applications where the printed part is exposed to temperatures up to 70° C

Ultimaker CPE Family: Chemical Resistant and Tough

Featuring chemical resistance and toughness, the Ultimaker CPE family of filaments is a good choice for functional prototypes and modelling. CPE+ provides the additional benefit of increased temperature and impact resistance. Thanks to Cura's new material profiles, which we've developed with care, 3D printing your parts and prototypes is easy

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