Ultimaker Print Core CC 0.6mm


Ultimaker Print Core CC 0.6mm

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Built for high-strength applications

Unlock the power to print high-strength applications with the Ultimaker print core CC, with composite materials from the Ultimaker Marketplace

With a wear-resistant, hardened steel nozzle and multiple nozzle sizes –  0.4 mm for higher visual quality, or 0.6 mm for shorter print times – the Ultimaker print core CC unlocks the power to print high-strength applications with extra stiffness and rigidity, using a wide range of composite materials from the Ultimaker Marketplace.

What's your type?

Print core types with customised nozzle geometries give you the freedom to pick the one best-suited to your material

From parts featuring complex shapes to those requiring high strength, Ultimaker print cores have you covered – thanks to customised nozzle geometries. Ultimaker print cores are optimised for different types of materials, enabling you to choose the one that's best-suited for the job and get to work

Quick swap – no tools necessary

Quickly and easily change your print core, meeting the demands of an efficient, hard-working environment

With a quick swap design, Ultimaker print cores can be quickly and easily changed, tool-free, to meet the requirements of any print job, increasing your efficiency and decreasing downtime. Plus, the print core's EEPROM chip memorizes the size and type of your nozzle, meaning fewer printing errors and an increased chance of success

The key to your 3D printer

Reliable, durable, and easy to use, Ultimaker print cores aren't just a consumable – they're a key component of your 3D printer

As a key component of your 3D printer, Ultimaker print cores are built to last – and work as reliably as possible with minimal maintenance – ensuring your best chances of achieving first-time right results

Details, drafts, anything in between

Choose the right print core for the job with intent-based nozzle sizes optimised for printing fine details, quick drafts – and anything in between

Whether you're seeking fine details, a quick draft – or anything in between – Ultimaker print cores have you covered, with intent-based nozzle sizes designed with specific tasks in mind

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