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Zmorph i500 Printer


Zmorph i500 Printer

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Meet Zmorph i500, High-Performance 3D Printer

Large Build Volume to Meet Your Demands

Increase the throughput and productivity by printing huge parts or multiple objects on a single build plate with a class-leading build volume of 460x300x500 mm (18x11x19.6 inches).

Cost-effective solution for low-volume production. Create custom tools in great quantities or prototype large parts with complex geometry.

Dual Drive Dual Extruder

The Zmorph’s advanced full metal Dual Drive Dual Extruder can heat up to 300°C. Waste Remover for wiped waste, matched with Tripple Control System on a filament
flow keeps interrupted, high-quality, repeatable 3D printing for the most demanding

The unique Nozzle Lifting System is made to ensure the currently idle nozzle will not be interfering in any way with the model, for instance by the gravitational flow
of the filament or by hitting the model.

Replacable Hotends

The Dual Drive Dual Extruder features two replacable hotends with various nozzle diameters. Zmorph i500 by default uses two different hotends: Zmorph i500 Build Hotend 0.4 mm and Zmorph i500 Support Hotend 0.6 mm dedicated to support

The operator can optimize the printing time, by replacing the hotend to one with a bigger nozzle size.


Nozzle Waste Remover

Zmorph i500 is equipped with Nozzle Waste Remover, which keeps the extruder clean during dual material printing. With each material swap (between the build and support hotends), the extruder drives through the cleaning system to wipe the nozzles from unnecessary drips.

Nozzle Waste Remover contains two brass brushes and teflon scrapers. Removed waste is collected in the attached box to keep the environment tidy.


Material Station with AFLS

The integrated Material Station can fit two spools of filament up to 2,5 kg each to
maintain continuous work for a long period of time. This means bigger models are possible to print at once.

The Material Station includes Automatic Filament Loading System equipped with
filament sensor. The AFLS smoothly provides the material from the drawer to the extruder and monitors the filament flow.


Seamless 3D Printing

Filament sensors monitor the material flow in Zmorph i500. The sensors in the extruder and AFLS constantly check for the interrupted flow of the filament. When runout, machine will provide notification, operator can replace the material and continue printing without a hassle.


Air Flow System

The Air Flow Sytem includes two detachable components equipped with filter inserts and fans. One dedicated to provide fresh and filtered air to the inside of the printer and one to release air clear of particles and fumes. Thanks to this solution, the air inside circulates ensuring even heat distribution to reduce the material shrinking and cracking.



Achieve peak performance with Zmorph i500 reducing your operational costs and maximizing your uptime and productivity. Spend time on 3D printing and less time on machine maintenance. Easy access to critical components with Zmorph Distributed Control System. Reduce your service and maintenance time with easy access to critical
components for servicing and removal. All consumable parts are easily replacable and sold separately by the manufacturer. The machine will notify the user when the parts should be changed.


Built with Quality in Mind

Purpose built to last long and durable. Long-life design, highquality components like precision linear mechanics IKO/IGUS and closed build makes Zmorph i500 a workhorse for demanding applications. Fully enclosed & passively heated chamber. A bulletproof unibody made of high-quality 1.5 mm and 2 mm aluminum parts designed by engineers to withstand harsh manufacturing environments casing parts covered with structural paint. Resistant to scratches and finger prints. Build Platform. Created to last from high-quality components, Zmorph i500 Build Platform delivers even heat distribution, second to none warping prevention and lifetime for over thousands of print hours. It’s easily removable and can heat up to 130°C.


Technical Specifications


3D printing technology FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)
Toolhead - Single material 1.75 [mm], Dual material 1.75 [mm],
Layer resolution -  0.05 - 0.4 [mm]
Maximum extruder - temperature 300 [°C]
Work area (single material) 460 x 300 x 500 [mm]
Work area (dual material) 440 x 300 x 500 [mm]
Maximum bed temp. 130 [°C]
Minimum wall thickness 0.4 [mm]
Dimensional accuracy +/- 0.2 [mm]
Work area leveling method Semi-automatic
Material form Spool, maximum fi300x100
Material diameter 1.75 [mm]
Nozzle diameter 0.4, 0.6, (0.8 - in progress) [mm]
Support - Mechanically and chemically removed - printed with build or support material
Connectivity - USB (pendrive), Ethernet, WiFi
Available materials - PLA, ABS, PET, Nylon, PVA, ASA, TPE, PC/ABS, HIPS
Third-party materials Supported
Work speed 10 - 110 [mm/s]
Travel speed 350 [mm/s]

Weights and Dimensions

3D printer 703 x 507 x 1075 [mm]
Transport package dimensions 800 x 600 x 1200 [mm]
Transport weight ~ 70 [kg]
3D printer weight ~ 55 [kg]

Temperature Parameters 

Ambient operation temperature 15 - 30 [°C]
Storage temperature -10 ~ 40 [°C]

Electrical Parameters 

Input current 110 [VAC] ~ 9-10 [A] 50/60 [Hz] 240 [VAC] ~ 5 [A] 50/60 [Hz]
Maximum power consumption 1000 [W]

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