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Sintering and Debinding Service

Providing Metal Debinding and Sintering with CMG Technologies

The pricing structure for the debinding and sintering (D&S) process of 3D printed green metal parts is determined by the space these parts occupy in the sintering furnace. Essentially, the charge for D&S is calculated per sinter plate/tray for each green part height. Table 1 provides the D&S price list based on this specific criterion.

In Figure 1, an illustration displays the maximum green part footprint dimensions for D&S. It is advisable for green parts nearing these maximum dimensions to be printed with infill, such as 35% or 50% if possible. This infill strategy ensures effective debinding and sintering of such parts.

The typical lead time for our D&S service is usually between 1-2 weeks from the receipt of green parts.

Fig. 1: Maximum green part footprint dimensions for D&S

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