Meet Hylo™

AON3D's new flagship industrial 3D printer powered by Basis™, our machine learning-driven software.



One of the largest, fastest, and smartest 3D printers on the market, Hylo™ takes the complexity out of printing high performance polymers with automation and advanced process monitoring.


Manage projects and printers, optimize part properties with machine learning, and verify printed part quality with just a few clicks.

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Open Materials

From cost-effective prototyping materials to aerospace-grade polymers, Hylo™ lets engineers print the materials they want, with the properties they need.


Easy, High Quality Results

Fully automated calibration and advanced material management deliver high quality results with the touch of a button.

Ultra-High Throughput

Achieve over 8x throughput with industry-leading print speeds, duplication mode, and post processing-reducing features.

Industry-Leading Part Performance

Achieve new levels of part performance with machine learning and open access to the world's most advanced polymers, including PEEK, PEKK, and ULTEM™..

Massive 250°C Build Chamber

Print more parts and larger parts with a actively-heated, precision-controlled 650 x 450 x 450 mm build volume.

Advanced Material Management

Hylo features a humidity-controlled storage bay with automated material loading/changeover and filament diameter detection/compensation

Independent Dual Extrusion

Independent, self-leveling, and composite-ready extruders enable multi-material, soluble support, and (coming 2024) duplication mode printing.

In-Process Monitoring

With 25+ integrated sensors, Hylo’s advanced process monitoring logs enable printed part quality verification, hidden defect identification, and aids in part qualification.

AON3D Basis™

Streamline your additive manufacturing process, from model to qualified part, and Iink predictions to outcomes.

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Gain complete control of the additive manufacturing process across printers and facilities


Print right the first time while maximizing part properties with machine-learning optimization.


Unlock new method of non-destructive part examination, reducing downstream quality management burdens.


The foundation of AON3D's ecosystem, Basis™ closes the loop in additive manufacturing by combining smart hardware with intelligent slicing and in-process monitoring, turning process variability into part confidence with just a few clicks.