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Dyze Design develops the critical components at the heart of 3D printers. The products offered by the company are mainly hotends, extruders, sensors and other kinds of accessories that control the supply and deposition of the raw material.

The company’s mission is “to empower people to make the tools and things they need, where and when they need them.”

All-in-one extruder toolhead

Typhoon™ Extruder

Typhoon™ is described as high flow and fast print all-in-one extruder toolhead specifically designed for industrial large-scale 3d printers. This print head is designed to extrude 2.85mm filament, is compatible with standard firmware and is capable of outputting a flow around 200mm³/s (0.9 kg/h). This means quicker print at a high deposit rate.

Easy Filament Swap

The top lever moves all driving mechanisms away from the filament, allowing filament switching in just a second.

Pellet Extruder

Pulsar™ Large-Scale Pellet Extruder

Pulsar™ is a state-of-the-art large-scale and high flow plastic pellet extruder.
It was designed with one purpose in mind: 3D printing of parts of one m³ and more as quickly and as cost-effective as possible.
Pulsar™ is compatible with any large-scale 3d printer or even robotic arms and is able to output as much as 500mm³/s (2.5kg/h) of materials.

Automatic Feeding System

The Pulsar can come with an optional feeding system which detects the pellets level. Pellets can be delivered from a bulk source.