AON3D Basis Pro (1 year  Subscription)
AON3D Basis Pro (1 year  Subscription)
AON3D Basis Pro (1 year  Subscription)
AON3D Basis Pro (1 year  Subscription)
AON3D Basis Pro (1 year  Subscription)
AON3D Basis Pro (1 year  Subscription)
AON3D Basis Pro (1 year  Subscription)


AON3D Basis Pro (1 year Subscription)

Sale price£12,000.00

Basis provides an easy, simplified workflow to go from model to quality-verified parts with maximized properties in just a few clicks.

Simplify Management & Execution

Drive efficiency and scale easily. Basis enables complete visibility and control of the additive manufacturing process across printers and facilities, from model to qualified part.

Streamline Print Preparation

With just a few clicks, go from a model to ready-to-print gcode file on Hylo, optimized specifically for your geometry/material.

Track Printers, Parts, and Revisions Easily

Manage and monitor printers, projects, users, revisions, optimization, and as-printed part data in one user friendly interface.

Build a Robust Digital Inventory

Manufacture high performance parts where you need them, when you need them with a cloud-based digital inventory.

Optimize with Machine Learning

Print right the first time with machine learning-driven process simulation and optimization. Achieve high-quality results and maximized part properties with just a few clicks.

Achieve Easy Expert-Level Results

Basis, with Hylo, replaces trial and error printing with AI-Driven process simulation and optimization to achieve high quality results, no expert level knowledge required.

Identify & Fix Issues Before They Are Printed

Ultra-fast, hybrid machine learning modeling simulates the printing process, allowing users to identify and correct issues before ever hitting print.

Optimize Part Properties with AI-Driven Process Simulation

Create dynamic geometry- and material-specific process parameters, optimizing layer weld strength, dimensional accuracy, surface finish, crystallization kinetics, and more.

Qualify Parts Quickly

Basis unlocks new methods of non-destructive part examination, reducing downstream quality management burdens.

Validate Part Quality with In-Process Monitoring

Gain confidence in your parts by quickly verifying printed part quality with process data from Hylo’s 25+ integrated sensors.

Detect Hidden Print Defects

Analyze near real time process data to quickly identify previously hidden print defects including warping/cracking, dross/debris inclusions, over/under extrusion, and more.

Explore As-Printed Data in One Intuitive Interface

Basis consolidates the various data layers of your as-printed digital twin into one easy and accessible interface.