Evolution as pioneering 3D printing firm joins £5 million group

Evolution as pioneering 3D printing firm joins £5 million group

1/12/21 EXETER. EVO 3D is joining Evolution Sales and Marketing to provide a full technology solution for the additive manufacturing industry.

  • £250,000 of capital investment
  • New premises in Exeter and Huddersfield
  • Exeter’s SkyPark will host expanded warehousing and logistics from January 2022
  • Sales and marketing is co-located with Evolution Sales and Marketing in Huddersfield
  • The special projects team will continue the proud tradition of innovation established by EVO 3D under its former name, J-Supplied 3D.
  • Special projects team is developing additive manufacturing technology and applications for industries like construction and renewable energy.
  • Expansion enables EVO 3D to meet more 3D printing needs in the aerospace, automotive, industrial, and prototyping markets

EVO 3D is expanding with £250,000 of capital investment. Locations in Exeter and Huddersfield launch in January, creating new jobs and opportunities for innovation.

Warehousing and logistics operations will move to a 4,000 sq ft unit in Exeter’s sustainability-focused SkyPark technology centre in January, 2022. Four new jobs are being created.

EVO 3D’s new special projects team will also set up in Exeter. Martin Jewell, who founded J-Supplied 3D in 2018 will lead the team, continuing to pioneer innovations in additive manufacturing.

Martin said:

“The evolution of J-Supplied 3D into EVO 3D means we can focus on innovative additive manufacturing projects like our partnership with Plymouth University and OREC, as well as expanding further into high-value industries like aerospace and automotive.”

EVO 3D sales and marketing has moved to Huddersfield, where it shares space, resource, and experience with Evolution Sales and Marketing.

Evolution Sales and Marketing provides a complete package of sales and marketing services in the UK and EMEA for global brands like Cougar Gaming (owned by HEC Group) and Patriot Memory (top 10 company for PC memory worldwide).

EVO 3D, formerly J-Supplied 3D, provides end-to-end additive manufacturing solutions for industry, research, marketing, and hobby applications. Clients include the University of Cambridge and Adidas UK.