Factors to Consider When Buying the Best 3D Printers for Schools

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best 3D Printers for Schools

3D printing in education motivates students in the learning process. Many educational institutions have recognised the importance of 3D printing in education and introduced it to their students. They can become innovators and expose themselves to the latest technology. However, successfully integrating 3D printing in the classroom requires planning and research. We will tell you how to buy the best 3D printer for schools.

With the invention of different types of products, the future of 3D printing is reaching new heights. In the last two decades, the 3D printing industry has grown tremendously. From being a speciality to a niche technology, 3D printing is everywhere.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Printer for Schools

1. Quality
The most expensive printer is a better-quality printer. That is not always true. Due to the competition in the 3D-printing industry, you can buy a better printer at the lowest price. Additionally, factors like brand, model, and features determine the price.

2. Material
You can find different materials for 3D printers, and every printer has pros and cons. PLA acid materials are the most versatile, cheapest, and easiest to use. They are also good to use with entry-level 3D printers.
PLA is also good for the environment as it does not release any harmful fumes during the process because of its lower melting point. It is also a cheaper and biodegradable material.

3. Printer Bed
Ensure that you have a proper printing bed with proper levelling. When the printing bed is not level, it can produce scratch marks on the object. Manual levelling printers have different types of functions.

Users can also get an auto-levelling attachment with their manual printers. It has sensors attached near the tip of the nozzle, which measure distance and balance and adjust accordingly before the process.

4. Filament Quality
The filament quality should always be better because the bad filament will print cheap-quality objects. Bad-quality filament can print a brittle, deformed, and rough object. Aside from price, many other factors influence filament quality and colour. It is better to read the reviews carefully before making a decision.

5. Quality of Bed
Ensure that you have a premium-quality print bed. Bad-quality print beds can come with issues like layer adhesion and uneven printing.
Glass beds are more popular than aluminium beds because of the ease of removal of the final object. Always choose the easiest and best-quality printer bed.

6. Safety
Introducing 3D printers in schools can be a fun concept, but at the same time, it can also be dangerous. Especially when children and pets are around, the presence of a 3D printer can pose a threat to security. Always ensure to keep it in a well-ventilated room with no fire hazards close by. Also, keep it dust-free and water-free always.

7. Choose FDM printers.
SLA and FDM are two different types of printers out there. SLA printers print objects layer by layer using a liquid resin material and UV light, which gives a smooth finish. The SLA 3D printer price can be a bit higher than the FDM printer.

FDA printers are better for beginners as they are cheaper and work with different filaments. Also, they require less maintenance.

8. Speed
Patience is the key to getting a better-quality print. But the quality often depends on the speed,at which the printer is printing. Here you decide your priority—whether you need the best quality or a faster print.

To Conclude,

On top of all these factors, it is essential to understand the basic functioning of a 3D printer for future upgrades and replace worn-out parts. When a 3D printer is well maintained, cleaned, and regularly updated, it works efficiently. Being well informed about the 3D printer price in the UK and the best service is helpful for educators.

At Evo 3D, we understand that every educator needs to incorporate 3D printing into training and education. So, if you want to speak to the Evo 3D team and learn more about 3D printers, contact us today.