The AnkerMake M5 Just got Fast(er)

The AnkerMake M5 Just got Fast(er)

Things Just Got Fast(er)

We know M5 is fast, but now it's getting even faster.

A new update will make AnkerMake M5 capable of printing at a speed of 500 mm/s and acceleration of 5,000 mm/s². Just go into Fast Mode with the AnkerMake Slicer to use it.

To ensure print quality during these lightning-fast movements, the Slicer applies different acceleration and speed settings to the first layer, outer walls, infill, and areas with special features.

Fast Stats from the Lab

Want some real data? Printing a Benchy model at 500 mm/s can now be achieved in 30 minutes using self-slicing, a reduction by nearly 30% compared to the old (but still fast) speed of 44 minutes at 250 mm/s.

The AnkerMake Lab even printed a Benchy model within 17 minutes and 40 seconds with OK print quality. We increased the acceleration to the max limit to achieve the result. However, this uses M5's full hardware potential and causes it to run at a full load for a lengthy time, causing printer instability. If interested, you can find the Gcode file in the Explore section of the AnkerMake app to test it yourself.

You can also check out this exciting video to see what it looked like when we tested the limits!


And here's the comparison of print quality at different speeds.

10x fasterm5 5x faster 

What We've Done

On Hardware

Here's a fun fact. AnkerMake M5 actually only operates at 1/10th of its potential for speed. It could reach as high as 25,000 mm/s² acceleration, but our primary concern has always been pursuing stability and preserving power.

For the updated software, we've let go of some of the restrictions, so an acceleration of 5,000 mm/s² can be achieved. However, this increases the vibration of the entire printer, so print quality will be slightly sacrificed. But we also understand that if you're under a deadline for a prototype or in a rush, you need faster speed.

On Software

We solved the mismatch between X- and Y-axis movement and the E-axis extrusion at high speed. Now, when operating at high speeds, we can gradually increase the printing speed and acceleration of M5.

To do this, we referred to the Pressure Advance and Input Shaper algorithms in the Klipper firmware, used various measurement data from the AnkerMake lab, developed a new S-smoothing algorithm, and embedded these algorithms into the existing Marlin firmware of AnkerMake.

We've also extensively explored how we handle retraction and cooling time during high-speed prints, process speed and acceleration for different model features, and match new parameters and algorithm packages when printing at 500mm/s.

Update Details

Over the weekend, we will release a new version of the Slicer, Firmware, and AnkerMake app that support 500 mm/s printing speed. The release will also include new features, including:

The AnkerMake Slicer:

  • Provide a speed selection option (Normal Mode/Fast Mode) for the Easy Mode version of the Slicer.

  • Enable slicing when Fast Mode is selected.

  • Modify the upper acceleration and speed limit for M5 while in Expert Mode.

    • Acceleration: 5,000 mm/s²

    • Speed: 500 mm/s


  • Enable printing when Fast Mode is selected.

  • Support higher speed adjustment of print files while printing.

  • Optimize the AI's first layer to better recognize when it's not adhering.

The AnkerMake App:
  • Support higher speed adjustment of print files while printing.


How to Get Upgraded Speed

All you need to do is to update the AnkerMakeSlicer, Firmware, and the AnkerMake App to the latest version. Check out this article if you don't know how to upgrade:

How to Update the M5 Printer Firmware

If you have already downloaded the AnkerMake Slicer and App, make sure the software is updated to these versions:

The AnkerMake Slicer: [V0.9.22_3 or above]

The AnkerMake App: [V1.0.7 or above]

If you haven't, please download the latest versions from our official website this weekend later.

Thank you for your support of AnkerMake. We hope you enjoy the updates, and we'll continue working to upgrade our software for the best user experience.


Keep Making,

The AnkerMake Team