AON3D and Evo3D Partner to Bring High-Performance 3D Printing to the UK

AON3D and Evo3D Partner to Bring High-Performance 3D Printing to the UK

Evo3D, a UK-based provider of 3D printing solutions, has announced a distribution agreement with AON3D, a Montreal-based manufacturer of high-performance parts 3D printers. The partnership will introduce the cutting-edge AON M2+ to the UK market, providing businesses with a game-changing solution for industrial-grade additive manufacturing.

The AON M2+: Unlocking Access to Advanced Materials and Technologies

The AON M2+ (CE) is a high-temperature industrial 3D printer with Dual Independent Extruders and a build volume of (450 x 450 x 565mm), capable of producing full-scale, strong, and high-performance parts. The printer offers ungated access to the world's most advanced materials, including PEEK, PEKK, and ULTEM™, enabling businesses to produce parts with unparalleled strength and durability. Ideal for a wide range of industries and applications, including aerospace, automotive, medical devices, and consumer goods, the AON M2+ is the perfect solution for taking your additive manufacturing capabilities to the next level.

Evo3D: Advancing the Integration of Additive Manufacturing into Industry

Evo3D is a UK-based provider of 3D printing solutions, with a mission to advance the successful integration of additive manufacturing into industry. The company offers a broad range of solutions approved by their in-house team of experts, helping their clients to purchase the correct printer for their specific needs. With expertise in end-to-end integration of 3D printing, Evo3D helps transform manufacturing processes and ensure the successful adoption of 3D printing. “We are very happy to have AON3D on board. I have been working with my customers on initial test prints before launch. The outcomes have been phenomenal, I recommend the additive community to see what’s possible with this equipment” said Evo3D Sales Director Oliver Coleman.  

AON3D: Driving Innovation through Accessible and Open Solutions

Founded in 2015, AON3D is a Montreal-based company that provides accessible and open industrial 3D printing solutions to businesses worldwide. With a focus on innovation, AON3D offers a range of hardware, software, and materials to help companies explore the possibilities of additive manufacturing. The company's vision is to build products that companies can rely on every day to help save the planet, lives, and explore space.

Demo Machine Available in March 2023

Evo3D will take delivery of their first AON M2+ in March 2023, with the demo machine located in their additive manufacturing suite in Exeter Devon. For more information or to book a visit to the suite, please contact the Sales Director, Oliver Coleman at

Bringing High-Performance 3D Printing to the UK

The partnership between AON3D and Evo3D will bring high-performance industrial-grade 3D printing to businesses of all sizes in the UK. With the AON M2+ offering ungated access to advanced materials and technologies, businesses can take their additive manufacturing capabilities to the next level and tackle technical challenges with confidence. "With strong customer success and momentum in North America, AON3D is excited to expand sales of the AON M2+ to the UK through our partnership with Evo3D" said AON3D Co-Founder Kevin Han.