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NAR Incubation Center decided to purchase LOOP PRO X for the prototyping workshop - to serve entrepreneurial companies.

Nar Incubation Center, established within the scope of Teknopark Ankara TGB, tries to ensure that the initiatives take hold by guiding them on how they go through the initial stage and go to productization. In addition, within the Nar Incubation Center, there is a design and prototyping workshop, Nar Incubation Center, so that entrepreneurs can create the output they will obtain as a result of the project. In Nar Incubation Center, there are 3D scanners, 3D printers, laser cutting machines and 3-axis CNC machining centers. Entrepreneurs, who frequently use Nar Incubation Center to bring their designs to life, had problems with plastic production. Since the 3D Printers within its structure could not fully meet the needs of print volume, the entrepreneurs had to divide their designs and produce them in parts. In addition, since the materials

supported by 3D printers did not provide sufficient strength in some projects, it was difficult for entrepreneurs to reach the prototype or the final product.

"In line with the needs of entrepreneurs, we needed a 3D Printer in a segment that would make a difference between the 3D printers in our prototyping workshop. LOOP PRO X was the solution to our search" - Enes Dönmez (Entrepreneurship Specialist)

About Nar

Nar Incubation Center, located in Teknopark Ankara, which was established with the cooperation of İvedik Organize Sanayi Bölgesi and Yıldırım Beyazıt Üniversitesi, was established in 2017.

Nar Incubation Center is bringing entrepreneurs together with academia and industry by providing training, consultancy and production support services. It provides support to entrepreneurs in many areas such as open and closed offices, meeting rooms, seminar halls, multi-purpose halls, social events, mentoring, organization of investor meetings, use of workshops  etc. Nar, which was established as a production and workshop support atelier, has a machine park that includes different production methods in metal and plastic production areas.

The Challenge

The maximum print volume of the 3D printers in its structure is insufficient for larger prototypes, which is the most critical for entrepreneurs at the stage of transforming the design into a product. Disassembled and assembled models must adequately respond to entrepreneurs who still need financial income and sales before falling under considerable production costs.

In terms of material properties, materials such as PLA, ABS, and PETG cannot provide sufficient strength and durability. The filaments limit entrepreneurs who want to try different materials for testing that the machines do not support. Nar Incubation Center, which has managed to diversify its CNC and laser cutting productions for metal parts, wants to provide the missing machine features for plastic.

The Solution

Nar Incubation Center, purchased  LOOP PRO X, which has a large  printing volume of 500 x 350 x 500 mm and prints with glass fiber reinforced DYNAMIDE® GF and carbon fiber reinforced DYNAMIDE® CF materials. LOOP PRO X, which has served approximately 10 companies in a  month, has been a solution for entrepreneurs' heated and loaded parts with its material and those with large-size designs with its print volume.

"As an entrepreneur, it is inspiring to see that our product is supporting business plans of several start-ups in Nar Incubation Center".- Mehmet Erkan USTAOĞLU (Founder of LOOP 3D)


About Exentech

Exentech is a technology company that offers solutions in electronic card  design and embedded systems in  many sectors, especially in the  defense, medical and aerospace industries.

 “While we couldn't wait for the injection molding lead time, LOOP PRO X met our urgent need for 10 sets of controlling units with a smooth surface quality.”


About Kayi

Kayı is an engineering and R&D company operating in electronic circuit design, software development, and consultancy to the meter industry.

“We preferred LOOP PRO X because of its strength and cost advantages. We reached the product quickly and used it in water and natural gas meters.”