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What's in the box

UK made – 8-10 Kg storage and feedingpellet hopper made with stainless steel anda power coated frame
Pellet Feeding System Controller
With Pellet Feeding Controller Logic &Configuration
Air venturi for ¾” hose
¾” hose 3.8m
6mm Nylon hose 2M
Worm clamp 3M
Elbow PTC 3M

What you need

24VDC Power Supply with a minimum of 2A
Compressed air supply
An air compressor with a recommendedairflow of 50 SCFM or 85 m3/hr (minimum of10.7 SCFM or 18 m3/hr if using a dedicatedcompressor)
Air filter 10 microns
Oil removal Filter
Pressure regulator
Venturi inlet vacuum hose of 72”H2O or 18 kPa


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