3DGence INDUSTRY F340 3D Printer
3DGence INDUSTRY F340 3D Printers UK
3DGence INDUSTRY F340 3D Printer in UK
3DGence INDUSTRY F340 3D Printers UK
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3DGence INDUSTRY F340 3D Printer

Sale price£17,796.61

Standard equipment: Accessory kit, Dimafix, 3DGence SLICER 4.0, Without printing module


The most versatile industrial 3D printer capable of 3D printing with the widest range of engineering materials, certified by TÜV Rheinland. Designed to produce high-quality and durable parts with complex geometry.



The industrial customers always expect the best. As the manufacturer 3DGence aims to provide the highest products quality, productivity improvement and the safety work environment. Reliability is a key: the models should be printed correctly every time. There are several features that characterize the real industrial 3D printer, e.g. it has to provide repeatability of the prints, consistent conditions during storage and printing process, ensure high dimensional accuracy or allow to print very complex geometries with either break-away or soluble support materials. Learn more about the features and unique qualities that position 3DGence INDUSTRY F340 among the most reliable and veratile industrial 3D printers in the world.


Large build volume

Best in class price to build volume ratio.

With the dimensions of 260 x 300 x 340 mm you can 3D print large models in one run. The total build volume of 26 520 cm^3 combined with very attractive end user price results in best-in-class price to volume ratio within the industrial grade 3D printers.


Interchangeable printing modules

Wide range of engineering materials that can be processed at very high temperatures up to 500°C.

3D print from multiple filaments, from PLA to PEEK on a single machine, all you need to do is replace the printing module.


Heated printing chamber

Dimensional accuracy of the models and their high quality.

The actively heated chamber can reach temperature up to 85°C and it makes 3D printing with ABS, PEEK, PEKK and other engineering polymers an easy task.


Heated material chamber

Controlled humidity for loaded materials.

The materials are always pre-warmed and dry. Most of the high-performance polymers have to be dried before use.



Low maintenance solution.

Tensometric system used in 3DGence INDUSTRY F340 allows to automatically calibrate this 3D printer.


Technical Specification


Print technology - FFF

Build volume - 260 × 300 × 340 mm (26 520 cm3)

Min. layer height - 40 μm

Number of printheads - 2 per module

Nozzle diameter - 0.4/0.4 mm or 0.6/0.6 mm

Filament diameter - 1.75 mm

Printhead temperature - 500°C

Buildplate temperature - 160°C

Chamber temperature - 85°C (active heating)

Filament chamber temperature - 70°C


Power requirements - 230V

Max power draw - 2700W

Communication - USB drive, SD card



Slicing software - 3DGence SLICER 4.0


Filtration - Filtration unit

UPS device - Yes, optional

Others - software access overdrive – remote shut down


Download Full Technical Specification Here

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