Fiberlogy ABS ESD Filament black online in UK
Fiberlogy ABS ESD Filament black


Fiberlogy ABS ESD Filament

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ESD Fiberlogy filament was created to protect electronic components which are sensitive to electrostatic discharges. The material has high dissipation and antistatic properties with respect to energy coming from discharges, and so it is able to prevent damage or significantly reduce the risk of damage to your electronic devices.

The destructive nature of electrostatic discharge leads to the generation of high costs related to the maintenance, repair and replacement of vulnerable components that companies have to bear, especially those which produce and use electronics in conditions that are conducive to the occurrence of the ESD effect. The task of ESD ABS from Fiberlogy is to eliminate this threat. Therefore, the ESD filament will come in handy when printing housings for integrated circuits, sensors, connectors, measuring devices.

Fiberlogy ABS ESD filament is available as a 1.75mm diameter 0.75kg spool.