Fiberlogy PA12 + GF15 Filament Black
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Fiberlogy PA12 + GF15 Filament Black
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Fiberlogy PA12 + GF15 Filament

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Material:PA12 + GF15

PA12 + GF15 is another material offered by Fiberlogy, which is a derivative of Nylon PA12. It was created by reinforcing it with glass fiber (GF), which constitutes 15% of the product. This made it possible to significantly increase the durability, stiffness, and thermal and chemical resistance compared to pure Nylon. PA12 + GF15 has a stiffness of 3.6 GPa and a temperature resistance of up to 170°C.

Unlike Nylon with an addition of carbon fiber, available as Fiberlogy PA12 + CF5 and PA12 + CF15, this filament offers greater flexibility, making it ideal for applications operating under variable loads and exposed to impacts.

The very low shrinkage ensures high dimensional stability. This combined with high durability makes engineering excellence achievable at home. This filament does not require a heated chamber. However, due to the high abrasiveness, steel or ruby nozzles should be used for printing in order to prevent excessive wear.

PA12 + GF15 is available in a 1.75mm diameter, 0.5kg spool.