Magigoo® Pro PP 250ml
Magigoo® Pro PP 250ml


Magigoo® Pro PP 250ml

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Introducing Magigoo Pro PP!

The 3D Printing adhesive that provides a solid, reliable adhesion platform for your polypropylene based prints, which before Magigoo Pro PP, proved difficult to construct in unison with different materials.

Designed to reduce warping in FDM/FFF 3D printers which among other factors can be caused by the differential cooling of a print subject during the printing process.

For printing repeatedly and reliably remember to apply Magigoo PP on your print bed before printing in polypropylene filaments.

Magigoo Pro PP Compatibility

  • Verbatim PP
  • BASF/Innofil3D PP Natural
  • DOW – EVOLV3D (TM) Olefin Block Copolymer (OBC)
  • Fillamentum Industrial PP2320
  • Form Futura Centaur PP
  • Ultimaker PP
  • Smart Materials 3D – PP 

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