Magigoo® Pro PA 250ml


Magigoo® Pro PA 250ml

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Magigoo Pro PA is designed for professional use, and is designed exclusively to be used  with polyamide filaments, providing a strong and solid adhesion platform for your print. Easy to apply and remove, Magigoo is designed to remove lift and minimise warping in the 3D printing process. 

The Magigoo PRO PA 250ml is designed for use with the Coater Starter Kit, to rapidly apply your adhesive to large print beds. 

For printing repeatedly and reliably remember to apply Magigoo PA on your print bed before printing in nylon filaments. This will ensure a successful print.

Magigoo Pro PA Compatibility

  • XSTRAND (TM) GF30-PA by Owens Corning
  • DSM Novamid 1030, 1030CF, 1070
  • Clariant PA6/66 GF20 FR, Clariant PA6/66 FR
  • Matterhackers Nylon Pro, Nylon X, Nylon G
  • Polymaker PolyMide (TM) CoPA, PolyMide (TM) PA6-CF
  • DuPont Zytel
  • 3DXTech CarbonX™ CF-PA
  • Lehvoss PA HT
  • Taulman Bridge
  • Fiber Three F3 PA Pure Lite and Pure Pro
  • and others