Discover the Power of Nylon Carbon Fiber 3D Printing with Loop 3D

Discover the Power of Nylon Carbon Fiber 3D Printing with Loop 3D

Are you looking for a high-quality 3D printer that can print durable and lightweight parts? Look no further than the Loop 3D printer from EVO 3D. Our partnership with TAU Racing has enabled us to print the first part of an Airbox prototype using nylon carbon fiber, showcasing the amazing capabilities of our printer and the benefits of using nylon CF material. 


TAU Racing, a society within the University of Aberdeen, is aiming to achieve a top place in Scotland and maintain its top 10 ranking amongst UK universities at the annual Formula Student competition. This year, they are using our Loop 3D printer to print functional prototypes, giving them an edge to succeed. 


Nylon CF is an excellent material for 3D printing, known for its high durability, strength, and lightweight properties. The carbon fiber reinforcement in the material adds stiffness and dimensional stability to the printed parts, making it perfect for functional prototypes. The successful printing of the Airbox prototype using nylon CF on the Loop 3D printer is a testament to the power of Loop 3D and its technology. 


Jak Sutherland (TAU Racing Head of Engine) said, “The new top loaded prototype Airbox has been meticulously designed and simulated to allow optimal airflow and achieve maximum power gain in the current engine setup. We are excited to see the benefits of having this year's Airbox 3D printed with the high quality Nylon CF material.” 


The Loop 3D printer is a reliable and versatile machine that can print a wide range of materials, ranging from PLA to nylon CF. It has a large build volume, is easy to use, and produces high-quality prints with minimal warping or deformation. With its capabilities, you can print exact dimensions and strength required for testing and evaluation. 


At EVO 3D, we are proud of the work we have done and look forward to continuing to explore the possibilities of 3D printing with nylon CF and other materials on the Loop 3D printer. If you want to learn more about the 3D printing capabilities of the Loop 3D or inquire about our services, reach out to us today. 


In conclusion, if you want to print functional prototypes with the highest quality and strength, Loop 3D is the perfect choice. So why wait? Take advantage of our services and see for yourself the power of nylon carbon fiber 3D printing with Loop 3D. Order yours today! 


Written by: Jimmy Penlington  
3D Printing Technician