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Role of Professional 3D Scanner in Various Industries

3D scanners have revolutionised many industries. It is used for creating a 3D model for 3D printing and is an affordable way to enhance all printing projects. A 3D scanner generates 3D scans and works like a video camera, and takes shots of an object. The scanner can capture the geometry of the object’s surface and then work into a 3D model rather than a video. For beginners to advanced 3D printing users, a 3D scanner is a must-have equipment. In this blog, we will tell you where a professional 3D scanner is used.

3d Scanner

What is 3D Scanning?

Custom 3D printing is a current phenomenon and 3D printing has changed the world of custom 3D printing. With desktop and handheld 3D printers available for a few hundred dollars, a 3D scanner has found a place in many home and industrial-based projects.

3D laser scanners capture a physical object’s exact size and shape into the computer world as a digital 3-dimensional representation. 3D laser scanners can track fine details and capture free-form shapes with highly accurate point clouds. It is ideally suited for the measurement and inspection of contoured surfaces and complex geometries where traditional measurement methods or a touch probe is not possible.

Whether you are an industrial engineer looking for a powerful reverse-engineering solution or seeking a solution to create effective prosthetics, you need a 3D scanner. Here are the following industries where you can use an Industrial Scanner.

Role of Professional 3D Scanner in Various Industries

1. Engineering - Innovative 3D scanners are widely used in industrial design, engineering and manufacturing because they can capture data easily. Earlier these measurements were done by outdated manual methods and were time-consuming. 3D scanning solutions can significantly improve product design, testing, development and aftercare. Powerful 3D scanning solutions can improve workflow and avoid costly mistakes in production.

2. Medical - The healthcare industry has benefitted largely from 3D scanning procedures. It has brought remarkable changes to the field by improvising the process with speed, precision and safety. It has also allowed medical professionals to make the most of the pioneering technologies and improve processes. It can create custom healthcare products like back braces, implants, prostheses and personalised wheelchairs.

3. Archelogy - Archelogy is yet another field in archaeology where the latest 3D technologies are bringing history back to life and making things accessible to people around the world, and creating highly accurate digital replicas of artefacts.

4. Art & design - Many artists have implemented versatile 3D scanning technologies to their workflows and transformed their life with some amazing works in art and design.

3D scanning is a solution for stunning special effects, developing immersive, ultra-realistic VR applications and designing a beautiful gown in a completely new way. However, the choice of the best scanners for art and design depends on many factors. For instance, if you are thinking about capturing a person to create life-like games or VR projects, it is better to focus on 3D solutions that are safe, easy to use and fast. It is one of the best solutions to give you an accurate scan and turn dreams into reality in a completely new way.

5. Forensics - Advanced 3D solutions are popular in forensics as well due to their portability, flexibility and accuracy. Professional 3D scanning solutions are used in forensics like court hearings and presenting evidence. 3D scanning is highly dependable for flexibility, accuracy and portability.


The industrial 3D scanner is useful for small objects and capturing intricate details. Today various companies offer a selection of powerful 3D scanning tools, but only a few are truly revolutionary.

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