AnkerMake M5


Explore the 3D Printing Frontier

AnkerMake M5 prints 5X faster with 0.1 mm precision.
Built-in AI Camera Recognition system keeps your prints on track.
Stop the wait and let us help you print smart and fast at every step.

Integrated Intelligent Camera

· 1080p Full HD Resolution
· Real-Time Monitoring (Up to 720p)
· Timelapse Videos (1080p)
· Frame Rate: 30 fps

Precise 0.1 mm Detail

Never compromise on stable quality even when you're printing at 5X speed. AnkerMake M5 frees yourself from sanding with smoothness in every thick layer.

Play in one cick

AnkerMake M5C

The 3D Printer You Can Rely On

Built with top quality materials: Die-Cast Aluminum Alloy Base, Stylish Z-Axis Module,CNC Crafted Body and a All-Metal Hotend Makes your Ankermake M5C futureproof

Upgraded Motion Control System

Powerboost 2.0's S-smothing algorithm increases Printing speed without compromising on quality