CMF Debind 50 Debinding Station

Cold Metal Fusion

CMF Debind 50 Debinding Station

Sale price£129,600.00

Integrated solvent debinding-, drying- and solvent recycling station. Optimized for CMF binder-component extraction with acetone
solvent. Closed Loop System ensures maximum acetone reuse through dirt-tank to clean-tank destillation.

50 Liters Chamber
Build Tube Size 515mm (Length) x 342mm (Diameter)

Acetone Based Debinding

Acetone solvent used for optimal performance with ColdMetalFusion Feedstocks

Closed Loop Solvent Reuse

Closed Loop System combined with destillation allows acetone reuse at virtually no loss.
System needs to be fully filled only once (at commissioning) and topped-up at service intervals.

Laminar Flow

Optimized flow design ensure equal distribution of solvent concentraiton all over the part


Distinctive Features

Powered by Siemens SPS
for process monitoring incl temperature control to heat up
and constantly keep Acetone below its boiling point. SPSS
ensures consistent outcomes and enables high debinding
performance for standalone operation & data recording for
quality management

CMF - Material Debinding

Intregated PID digital temperature controler and circulation
pump with adjustable flow rate. Machine ships with
pre-configured profiles developed by Headmade Materials

Ultra high wall thickness parts

Advanced process design enables deep infusion of solvent
into the part. Users are able to manufacture very large parts
with wall thicknesses of up to 30mm.

Highest Safety with inerted process chamber

Includes nitrogen atmsophere in process chamber, LÖMI Advanced Clean
Technology, door safety-locking mechanism, chamber over pressure valve, double
walled high quality steel chamber and a fully closed system design. Station is
explosion proof according to II 2G Ex h IIA T3 Gb of ATEX 2014/34/EU directive.

Integrated Tanks For 5 Debinding Cycles

540 liters tank devided in two chambers. Chamber is flooded with approx. 50 liters
of fresh acetone, which is pumped into the dirt tank at job completion. Clean tank
can be refilled upon depletion by running special destillation cycle - at the end of
which the resulting binder-dust can be cleaned out of the chamber with a brush

Continous Solvent Circulation

Circulation pump keeps constant acetone flow over parts to ensure homogenous
fresh acetone distribution over all part's surface areas . This accelerates the process
and reduces risk of crack building within the part during debinding.