CMF Sinter 25 CG Sinter Furnace

Cold Metal Fusion

CMF Sinter 25 CG Sinter Furnace

Sale price£384,000.00

The Swiss-Army-Knife for building your Digital Factory

A high temperature metallic sinter furnace optimized for ColdMetalFusion. Heating elements and chamber insulation are made of molybdenum. The furnace is
surrounded by a water cooled vessel; thus classifying the CMF-SI 25 system as a cold wall furnace. The cooling water is guided through the double walled vessel.


25 Liter

Build Envelope Size 240mm x 240mm x 400mm

1600° Celsius

Maximum Operating Temperature

Ultra Precise Atmospheric Control

Highest possible purity of your CMF alloys

Enabled for 100% hydrogen processes

Full Process Control

Touchpanel Control

Full process overview and easy process control

CMF - material sinter programs

Ships with pre-installed and locked sinter programs
optimized by Headmade Materials for ColdMetalFusion.
Possibility for updates for new materials & training to
open system settings for custom parameters.

Powered by Siemens SSPS

for process monitoring incl over-termperature protection
for standalone operation & data recording for quality
management. Extra Safety-SPS Version S7-1500 for
hydrogen management used.

Superior Industrial Furnace

100% hydrogen gas process enabled

For highest quality steels. Combined with the CMF binder system
you can achieve superior part properties. Safety system certified
by TÜV Süd.

Superior envelope to standard graphite

Full Molybdenum chamber insulation and retort provide superior
process stability, highest possible purity of inert atmosphere. It is also
much more resistant against degredation under high temperatures
and will last longer.

Managing alloy chemistry & debinding thanks to special retort design

A special retort desing keeps the vaporizing binder system away
from the rest of the part and walls allowing for super high quality
alloys. State of the art gas flow controllers fine tuned by Carbolite
Gero on installation, as well as the electronic pressure control
systems allow you to manage the process precisely.