Creatbot D600 Pro 2
Creatbot D600 Pro 2
Creatbot D600 Pro 2
Creatbot D600 Pro 2


Creatbot D600 Pro 2

Sale price£13,948.80

Discover the leading professional large format 3D printer 


D600 Pro series has been proven to be the world's most popular professional large-size 3D printer. It has undergone 6 years of market accumulation and verification. From the beginning of its launch, we have continuously upgraded and improved it based on user needs and feedback. So far, we have made approximately 30 improvements in product details, incorporating new technologies, and fixing issues. Make it a very stable professional large-size 3D printer, deeply prefered by small and medium-sized enterprises.

D600 Pro 2 is a brand new product based on D600 Pro that is now being released with more advanced design concepts and deep technical reserves. It has been professionally designed, has powerful performance, and features no shortcomings. Large print volume, faster speed, stronger material compatibility, simpler operating procedures, and more stable 7/24 operation. Undoubtedly, It will capture the needs of all professional 3D printer users within 600mm*3 size worldwide. 


Camera Control Technology

Camera control technology allow customers to control printing process on speed, pause, temp.etc with an APP remotely, which can get best printing quality with shortest time without failure. A very useful feature on large model and long time printing.

Magnetic suction platform

Exclusive R&D of magnetic platform with large size, easy removable platform, high temperature resistance exceeding 100 °C, long-term use without demagnetization.
For oversized models, it is easy to detach them quickly and the bottom of the model is flat. Convenient to all operators.

Auto-rising Dual Extruders 420 ℃

D600 Pro 2 is equiped with new smart auto-rising dual-extruders kit hot-end temperature up to 420 ℃. It is able to print engineering-grade materials like PLA, ABS, PC, UltraPA, carbon fiber, glass fiber, etc with quick remove support materials.

Powerful core

32-bit motherboard, equipped with a powerful NPU core processor, can quickly respond to any program instructions without delay.

7-inch touch screen

A new UI design language, better user interaction experience, and more convenient operation.

Z magic box: Perfect Z surface

For tall Z distance 3D printing devices, the texture of the Z-axis will deteriorate with the model height increases. Our Z-axis magic box technology can greatly reduce or even eliminate the Z-surface texture of tall models, ensuring that the surface quality of the model remains smooth and consistent.