Rapid Fusion Control Console Professional
Rapid Fusion Control Console Professional
Rapid Fusion Control Console Professional
Rapid Fusion Control Console Professional

Rapid Fusion

Rapid Fusion Control Console Professional

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Introducing the Rapid Fusion Control Console Pro: an open-source solution designed to amplify additive manufacturing. It seamlessly integrates with the Rapid Fusion PE320, Dyze Design Pulsar and other systems like CEAD, REV3RD and MD.

Offering strong connectivity, precise temperature management, customizable IO, and heightened safety features. Experience direct real-time servo drive control for optimal 3D printing outcomes.

This console also harnesses AiSync PRO for deep machine coordination, streaming instructions to your Robot or CNC Machine. Features include temperature zone management in slice software, part cooling control, fleet management, automated quality checks, and automatic reporting.

Here is what sets Rapid Fusion 3 Phase control panel  apart from other Large Extruders on the market :

Seamless Integration: Effortlessly connect with the Rapid Fusion PE 320 and other compatible systems for a streamlined workflow.

Precise Temperature Control: Achieve optimal printing results with precise adjustments of extruders and bed heaters.

Real-Time Servo Drive Control: Experience unparalleled precision by controlling the servo drive in real-time when connected to a robot or CNC Machine

Integrated Safety Features and Maintenance Key: Ensure a secure working environment with integrated safety features.

Intuitive 10.1" Touch Screen with Pre-set Heating Zones: User-friendly interface with a spacious touch screen, offering pre-set heating zone profiles for easy navigation and control.

AiSync PRO support (License required) - 

Utilises deep machine integration to stream manufacturing instructions directly to your Robot or CNC Machine and provide direct, real-time control over the entire additive manufacturing process.

Controlling temperature zones withing the slice software

Controlling Part cooling Fleet management Automated Quality Control – Error Detection*

Automatic Reports