x45-Natural Resin 1.5kg for XiP and XiP Pro

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x45-Natural Resin 1.5kg for XiP and XiP Pro

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Nexa 3D, in collaboration with BASF, has developed the x45 resin specifically for use with the NXE 400 and XIP/XIP Pro 3D printers by Nexa 3D. This innovative resin is engineered to produce tough, detailed, and rigid models, as well as functional prototypes that demand high strength and durability. The x45 resin is available in various color options, enabling users to create either translucent (Clear) models or those with a natural finish, always achieving excellent optical clarity.

The synergy between the x45 resin and Nexa 3D's ultrafast printers, capable of exceeding print speeds of 15 cm/hr, enables users to achieve rapid turnaround times for 3D printing tasks. This combination is particularly advantageous for producing items like housings, enclosures, packaging products, and footwear components. The unparalleled productivity increase, estimated to be around twentyfold compared to competing equipment and materials, establishes a new standard. This extraordinary speed enhancement not only facilitates faster project completion but also empowers users to establish a more agile design and 3D printing workflow, thereby boosting manufacturing flexibility and independence.


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