Builder3D PLA Filament- Grey

Builder 3D

Builder3D PLA Filament- Grey

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PLA filament is the most used filament for printing prototypes, it is the default filament choice for most extrusion based 3D printers, such as the BUILDER3D Extreme series. PLA filament is easy to print and caters for low temperature printing  

PLA is a biodegradable thermoplastic, usually derived from renewable sources such as sugar cane or cornstarch , meaning that your prints are eco-friendly and recyclable- every single time. PLA is the perfect filament choice every time for environmentally friendly prints day in day out 

From visual prototyping, modelling ,tooling and so much more! With builder 3d’s PLA filament the possibilities of all your prints are endless! 


Weight- 4.5kg

Diameter (mm)- 1.75mm

Required Temperatures for printing:

Nozzle Temperature: 210-220°C

Bed Temperature: 45-60°C