AnkerMake M5 3D Printer (V8111)
AnkerMake M5 3D Printer (V8111)
AnkerMake M5 3D Printer (V8111)
AnkerMake M5 3D Printer (V8111)
AnkerMake M5 3D Printer (V8111)
AnkerMake M5 3D Printer (V8111)
AnkerMake M5 3D Printer (V8111)
AnkerMake M5 3D Printer (V8111)


AnkerMake M5 3D Printer (V8111)

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Make Quality Prints, 5x Faster

AnkerMake M5 prints 5X faster with 0.1 mm precision. Built-in AI Camera Recognition system keeps your prints on track. Stop the wait and let us help you print smart and fast at every step.

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Cut Printing Time by 70%

Get prints fast with PowerBoost™. A powerful stepper motor, double-belt driveshaft, and stabilized motion algorithm work together to push out loads of extra power at 5X speed

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Precise 0.1 mm Detail

Achieve precision—even at 5X speed—thanks to the new ultra-direct extruder and integrated die-cast aluminum alloy structure

Keep Your Print On Track

M5 calculates a printing plan and uses extra processing power and an integrated intelligent camera to stick to it— keeping your model matching your design.

Start Prints Anytime, Anywhere

Whether you're in the lab or across town, start and manage prints anytime via the AnkerMake App, Slicer, Alexa, or the Google Assistant.

Driven by PowerBoost

You'll achieve high-speed precision thanks to PowerBoost™, which optimizes energy with its Y-axis transmission system. PowerBoost™ uses a powerful stepper motor, double-belt driveshaft, and stabilized-motion algorithm to push out loads of extra power for high-speed printing.

New Ultra-Direct Extruder

With a redesigned ultra-direct extruder, you feel the intricate details after a 5X faster print.
The shortened distance between the extruder and nozzle reduces errors and enhances control for the precision.
A proven algorithm analzyes and matches motion to extrusion. It was fine-tuned with more than 2,000 tests in the AnkerMake lab.

3.1x Extrusion

The foundation of high-speed printing starts with the enhanced multi-stage gear system with a 9.37 reduction ratio putting out 0.8 N·m of torque. The strong twisting puts pressure on the melting chamber to make extrusion faster.

1.5x Melting 

The 60W heating rod quickly raises the nozzle temperature to 392°F (200°C) with 1.5X the efficiency of other printers. The heat makes sure the filament smoothly discharges while printing fast at 250 mm/s.

1.3x Cooling

The double-cooling system uses a pair of fans that push out 1.3X the air output volume of other printers at max-speed. The cooling avoids stringing and helps quickly cool down your model.

Powerful Processing

M5 comes packed with two processors, including the XBurst CPU for intelligent 3D printing and Marlin CPU for routine processing. With the extra power, M5 keeps track of your prints so your model matches your design.

AI Camera Recognition System

The AnkerMake slicer analyzes the 3D data of the model before printing begins. Then the AI recognition system uses the powerful XBurst CPU to continually check and compare throughout the entire process

Start Prints Wherever, Whenever

 Whenever the moment of inspiration strikes, you'll be able to access your prints wherever you are. You can even track prints, pause tasks, or modify settings.

Check out This Ankermake M5 Review from James Rooke: 


Make it easy to 3D print at home


Give your prints accuracy with 7x7 auto-leveling. Advanced algorithms calculate a virtual height map to get the print started right. The only time you need to do any tweaks by hand is when you upgrade something major like the nozzle or PEI soft magnetic steel plate.

Integrated Design Keeps
Your Workspace Tidy

Avoid tangled cables and multiple stray devices with 1 neat, cohesive design. M5 consists of the base and the gantry frame, plus the Z-axis design hides any dangling wires from your view.

Bendable and Scratchproof

No matter how big or small, removing a print is now easy with just a slight bend of the scratch-resistant PEI soft magnetic steel plate when it cools down. And with the heated bed's magnetic design, you can easily remove and put the print sheet back.

Get Printing Status

You've got your choice of how to find out when something changes with your 3D print. See an LED light 33 ft (10 m) away, hear a beep, or get an app alert.

Print Large Models with High-Speed Efficiency

Supersize your prints to a whopping 235×235×250 mm³ and watch M5 handle the job fast at 5X speed.

4.3" Touch Screen Simplifies

Make the most common tasks easy with a smart, colorful LCD touchscreen. You can also switch to Night Mode to help your eyes when you're working late.

Save Material with Instant

Never waste a moment or an ounce of filament again with low filament and error alerts. M5 scans before and during the print to ensure your print comes out exactly to your specifications.

Printing Features

• 5X Faster Printing

• Precise 0.1 mm Detail

• Built-In AI Camera Monitoring

• Auto-Created Timelapses

• Hub Connects Multiple Devices

• 7×7 Auto-Leveling

• Easy Assembly

• Aluminum Alloy Structure

• Print Volume 235×235×250 mm³

Printing Parameters

• Print Volume (L×W×H)-235×235×250 mm³

• Standard Speed-250 mm/s

• Acceleration-2,500 mm/s² • Operation Speed-50-250mm/s

• Print Precision-±0.1 mm

• Nozzle Diameter-0.4 mm (Compatible with 0.2/0.6/0.8 mm)

• Filament Diameter-1.75 mm

• Print Materials-PLA/PETG/TPU/ABS

• Extruder Temperature-Maximum 500°F (260℃)

• Heating Plate Temperature-Maximum 212°F (100℃)


• CPU - Dual XBurst®(1.2GHz) + XBurst®0(240MHz)

• Operation System-Linux


• Connection-Wi-Fi (App, AnkerMake Slicer), Type-C USB Flash Drive, OTA Upgrade

• Display-4.3-inch Touch Screen • Remote Control-AnkerMake App, AnkerMake Slicer

• Voice Assistant-The Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa (Printing Status Check)

• AI Recognition Camera- Detection: AI Recognition Real-Time Monitoring: Up to 720p Timelapse Videos: 1080p Timelapse Videos Frame Rate: 30fps Night Vision: Infrared + LED

• USB Interface-USB-C

• Power-350W

• Power Input-AC 100-240V


• Slicer Software-AnkerMake Slicer (macOS, Windows), Simplify 3D, Ultimaker Cura, PrusaSlicer

• File Input Format-STL, OBJ • Supported OS-MacOS, Window

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