AON M2+ (CE) Industrial 3D Printer
AON M2+ (CE) Industrial 3D Printer
AON M2+ (CE) Industrial 3D Printer
AON M2+ (CE) Industrial 3D Printer
AON M2+ (CE) Industrial 3D Printer
AON M2+ (CE) Industrial 3D Printer
AON M2+ (CE) Industrial 3D Printer
AON M2+ (CE) Industrial 3D Printer
AON M2+ (CE) Industrial 3D Printer


AON M2+ (CE) Industrial 3D Printer

Sale price£63,642.85

AON M2+ (CE) Industrial 3D Printer

A high temperature industrial 3D printer for manufacturing full-scale, strong, high-performance parts. The AON M2+ unlocks additive manufacturing applications with ungated access to the world’s most advanced materials, including PEEK, PEKK, and ULTEM™

The M2+ is the fastest and most affordable way to get strong, high-performance parts in the hands of engineers and designers. The AON M2+ drives value chain efficiency, from product development to manufacturing.

Achieve the Best Final Part Properties

Configurable Process Parameters —
Reduce part porosity, increase crystallinity, speed up print times, explore new materials, and more with open access to process parameters.

Actively Heated Build Volume —
A thermally optimized, precision-controlled 135°C build chamber provides consistent part properties and high isotropy across the build volume while maximizing in-situ crystallization.


Water-Cooled Hot Ends —
Get high quality surface finish parts with clean transitions between materials. Superior hot end cooling improves retraction and prevents filament oozing, stripping, and clogs.


Production-Ready Printing

No Fuss First Layers —
Automated high precision leveling with swappable build surfaces ensures uniform adhesion and bead-widths across the print bed. No rafts required.

Independent Dual Extruders —
Access greater design freedom and minimize time consuming manual part cleanup with breakaway or soluble supports.

Access Sensor Data—
Access real time sensor data to develop quality management processes which fit your application and industry requirements.

Additional Features 

Multi-Material Printing —
Create living hinges, non-marring interfaces, or add low-friction properties to high strength parts with independent dual extrusion.

Material Dry Storage —
Ensure high fidelity parts with smooth surface finishes and maximum properties. Onboard material storage keeps materials dry – without pre-softening your filament by exposing it to additional heat. Accommodates up to two 2.25kg reels.

Remote Management —
Transmit g-code and monitor your print jobs – across multiple printers - directly from your desk, and from any browser. WiFi may be disabled upon request.

Find the Spec sheet for AON M2+ Here 

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