Modix BIG 60 V4 3D Printer
Modix BIG 60 V4 3D Printer
Modix BIG 60 V4 3D Printer
Modix BIG 60 V4 3D Printer
Modix BIG 60 V4 3D Printer
Modix BIG 60 V4 3D Printer
Modix BIG 60 V4 3D Printer
Modix BIG 60 V4 3D Printer


Modix BIG 60 V4 3D Printer

Sale price£5,725.27

BIG-60 Highlights

  • Large print volume - 600 x 600 x 660 mm
  • Premium components
  • Self assembly kit
  • Multiple add-ons
  • Heavy duty design
  • Open architecture
  • Future ready
  • Premium support

Why a Large 3D Printer?

Printing large models as one object makes  them stronger and saves time on post  processing. Use cases include:

  • Customized large enclosures
  • Manufacturing jigs
  • Prototyping
  • Cast molds
  • Composite plugs
  • Batch production - Modix 3D printers are capable of printing multiple small items in a single sequenced 3D print job.

Heavy Duty Design

Printing quality and reliability are determined  not only by the quality of the machine’s  components, yet also by its design.

Modix machine design guidelines:

  • Robustness of chassis and motion system
  • Reduced electromagnetic noise
  • Safe operation and safe assembly
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy maintenance
  • Time between maintenance cycles
  • Long-lasting calibration

Self Assembly

Modix 3D printers are delivered as self-assembly kits.

The advantages for the customers are:

  • In-depth knowledge of the machine
  • Easier to customize, maintain and upgrade
  • Independency
  • Cost saving on assembly and shipment
  • Compact packing allows flexibility in selecting assembly location
  • Great learning experience

Online assembly guides contain:

  • Detailed textual and visual step-by-step instructions
  • Video demonstration for every step
  • Rotatable online 3D models of sub-assemblies

Modix 3D printers are modular by nature. Users can  easily change the configuration of the printer based on  a large selection of add-ons including:

  • Three different hot-ends to select from including: E3D Volcano (default), E3D V6 for detailed printing and E3D Super-Volcano for high flow extrusion rates.
  • Active air filter add-on that circulates the chamber air through a filtering system including a HEPA filter for small particles and active Carbon for removal of  fumes.
  • High Temperature by using the PT-100 sensor add-on.

Modix 3D printers are designed for future upgrades and new technologies. When a new version is released, an upgrade is offered to our customers.

As creators, we believe that products should be designed to serve for long period of time, not to be replaced when a new model is coming out.

Generation 4 - What's new?

Generation 4 widens Modix’s offering by introducing new capabilities such as printing models with internal geometries, faster printing speed, reduced post process time and higher reliability. With generation 4, all Modix printers  are now shipped with the new Griffin print head, clog and crash detectors.

Griffin Print Head

Griffin print head offers high printing quality, impact resist, easy swap and higher printing temperatures than before.

Clog Detection

Reliability sensors suite that is designed to save print-jobs on time. It can detect filament run-out, under extrusion and clogs.

Comprehensive set of automatic calibration tools including: bed tilt calibration, bed leveling, gantry alignment and Z offset calibration.


Technical Specifications


FFF: Fused Filament Fabrication

Print volume metric (XYZ)

600 x 600 x 660 mm / ~23 x 23 x 25 inch

Machine size (WxDxH)

with enclosure

906x1060x1,356 mm / 35.6 x 41.7 X 53.4 inch

Shipping weight

120 KG



Closed print chamber


Enclosure type

Aluminum composite panels (ACP), 3mm thick.

Polycarbonate doors and top lid


Articulated leveling feet included

Casters optional

Number of print heads

One print head is included, secondary - optional

Default filament diameter

1.75mm, can be converted to 3mm by the user

Extruder brand & model

E3D Aero Extruder (direct drive)

Hotend brand & model

E3D Volcano, optional add-ons:

V6 (detailed) and E3D Super-Volcano (high flow)

Included nozzles (mm)

0.4, 0.6, 0.8 Primary hotend

0.4 for Secondary hotend

Hotend max. temperature


Optional max hotend temp.

500ºc, requires PT100 thermistor add-on

Extruder motors

Motech MT-1703HS168A

Direct drive extruders gear reduction of 1:3

Filament runout sensor

Dedicated sensor per extruder

X & Y axis linear guides


Z axis guides

Smooth Rods included.

HIWIN MGW9 optional

X & Y axis drive system

Gates GT2 width: 9mm, fiberglass reinforced

Z axis drive system

SFU1204 Ball screw 2:5 belt gear reduction

X axis motors

2 X Motech MT-1705HS200A

Y axis motor

1 X Motech MT-1705HS200A

Z axis motors

4 X Motech MT-1705HS200A

Resolution (XYZ)

4 X 4 X 0.5 micron

Printing speed

Up to 150mm/s Depends on nozzle & layer height

Printing acceleration

Up to 1000 mm/s2

Bed plate

Alcoa Mic-6, 6.35mm milled cast aluminum plate

Number of heaters

AC heater, 1,350 Watt , dual zone

Temperature controller

Autonics TCN4 PID controller

Maximum bed temperature


Bed leveling probe

BL touch probe

Bed leveling

Automatic. Bed shape is measured by probing 100

different points.

Bed tilt leveling

Semi-Automatic, guided by an on-screen macro

Bed motion system

4 x ball-nut screws. Each screw is mounted to a

dedicated stepper motor with a belt gear system

Electronic controller

Duet3D: Duet2 Wifi

User interface

7” Touch screen – PanelDue from Duet3D

Remote control (WiFi)

Upload Gcode files right from your desktop

Direct connectivity

SD Card, USB cable


Optional with Duet3D Ethernet board.

Should be purchased and replaced by customer

Electronics (DC) power

Meanwell 24V/280Watt power supply powering

the electronic and motion system.  Universal AC input: 110-230V, 50/60 Hz

Bed heaters (AC) power

Direct AC feed, 1370W Silicone pad heater.

Two versions are available: 110V and 230V.  We supply according to shipping destination.  Power requirement for bed heater in

North America is a dedicated 15A outlet.