Modix BIG-40 3D Printer: Fully Loaded  Bundle
Modix BIG-40 3D Printers


Modix BIG-40 3D Printer: Fully Loaded Bundle

Sale price£9,032.24

The Modix BIG-40 offers a smaller alternative to the BIG-60, without compromising on its capabilities. With a respectable print volume of 400mm x 400mm x 800mm, the BIG-40 is still capable of large format 3D printing, but on a scale that suits a studio or workshop environment. Specialising in the manufacture of tall objects, the BIG-40 is well-suited to the architectural, automotive, and creative sectors. Additionally, the self assembly nature of the Modix range means that it offers an excellent opportunity for users to fully understand and maximise their machines. This Modix BIG-40 bundle includes all of the upgrades available from Modix, such as a secondary print head, and the essential equipment to print at high temperatures.

  • Print volume of 400 x 400 x 800 mm
  • Printer dimensions: 870 x 720 x 1,520 mm
  • Shipping weight: ~100kg
  • Delivery method: Self assembly kit
  • Print head: single E3D Aero & E3D Volcano 1.75mm
  • Duet3D Wifi 32 bit controller
  • 100 probing point for automatic bed leveling
  • Compatible with both 110V and 230V
  • Price includes 12 months of warranty and lifetime support.

BIG-40 Components

Modix BIG-40

Include: Single print head, Z axis rails, enclosure and casters.

2nd Print Head

Allows printing complex models with support material.

Super Volcano

Add the E3D Super Volcano HotEnd add-on for super fast printing.

E3D V6 hotend

E3D V6 (detailed) hotend allows printing tiny objects with very high accuracy.

PT-100 Sensor

High temperature sensor that can measure up-to 500°C

Active Air Filter

Three phase filter device: Pre-filter (dust), HEPA (sub-micron particles) and active carbon filter (fumes).

Filter spares

5 x Pre-filter ,
1 x HEPA/carbon combo

Extra PEI sheet

Spare PEI sheet at size of 465×465 mm
Covering the entire bed plate.


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